I am writing on behalf of the artist, G. Brown, who unfortunately cannot introduce this collection himself. He has strict orders from his Doctor not to touch the ‘s’ key on a keyboard with immediate and indefinite effect…so as I’m sure you will understand it is not possible for Mr. Brown to address you himself at this time. He sends his love however and enquires after your fence’s health following it’s recent creosoting.

I assure you that I am well positioned to advocate on his behalf. It is well documented that I stood with him throughout the now notorious ‘Mis-labelled Rawl Plugs’ incident of a few years ago while many turned away. We have shared many a medicated gum shield over the years and therefore of course an inevitable amount of confidence.

Well between you and me, if his cartoons need very much explaining they are already rubbish aren’t they? They are called Perspective Drawings because they deal with perspectives and how viewing them outside of the first person is humorous and sometimes surreal. A lot of humour deals with this sort of thing. The difference possibly is that these cartoons don’t do the trendy trick of laughing AT ‘them over there’: it is a gentle laugh at yourself most of the time… I am quoting Mr. Brown here. I maintain that these cartoons apply to everyone on planet Earth except me: an assertion that Mr. Brown rather frustratingly never overtly confirms when I seek confirmation of my personal distancing.

Well don’t feel under any pressure to help contribute to his financial rehabilitation but books of his cartoons are also available and during his 23 years as a chimney sweep he has inhaled certainly more carbon laced fumes than is generally considered to be healthy.

Thanks for your time and the generous cheque

Oswald Q Smedley-Jones (Yes THAT one)



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